CryptoDiggers – CDPay #0

The Blog for the functionality and plans of CryptoDiggers is created as a response to the blocking of articles and advertisement on American Social media. Although these media create somewhat of an illusion and hope that you can register and verify in reality there is something more behind this not just the protection of their name and clients before frauds in ICO and Cryptocurrency. But let’s focus on more important matters concerning Cryptocurrency’s connection to CryptoDiggers.

Many people see CryptoDiggers just as a provider of the automats for selling and buying Cryptocurrencies. In the following sections of the series we will gradually present you with what we have been working on for the past three years.

CDPAY is the core product of CryptoDiggers offering a wide variety of options for owners of e-shops,  shops. Operating self-service vending machines or directly traders capable of bringing customers for CDPAY

Last but not least another important part is the automatic shopping of cryptocurrencies through SEPA transactions for registered customers. This functionality will also allow cryptocurrencies to be sold to SEPA-verified buyers.

The presentation will be in sequential blogs aligned in a logical order based on steps which are necessary for the start of using various and also independent parts of the CDPAY portal.

  • Documentation/contracts #1
  • Registration/sing in #2
  • Verification/user settings change #3
  • Verification/business partner settings changes #4
  • Types and rights for terminal users and billing additions #5
  • PoS terminals (HW+SW) #6
  • Invoice appendix #7
  • Purchase of cryptocurrencies through SEPA transactions #8
  • Self-service vending machines (vending) #9